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 Rules for Characters

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PostSubject: Rules for Characters   Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:54 pm

Okay, this is just a limit on how many characters you can have. The main characters don't have to be connected to each other, but I need a good history if they are not connected. The part characters have to be connected to a main character. No just popping out of nowhere. There will be a thing where you can post plans, so you can show if you're planning the character to meet with one main character. Canon characters will have to be good, and do not think that just because I do not know the character that I will not look it up and see if you got your information correct. Other than that, 2 Main Characters, 3 Party Characters.

0 posts- 1st Main Character
25 posts- 2nd Main Character
30 posts- 1st Party Character
50 posts- 2nd Party Character
100 posts- 3rd Party Character

Don't in rush to create these characters. I will help out if you need help. If I am gone though, like on vacation or something, you will have to go to a moderator or the second Administrator, who I will appoint.
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Rules for Characters
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